Microsoft Viva Sales

Viva Sales harnesses the power of generative AI to deliver automatic content creation
in Microsoft 365 apps.


Revolutionize the way sellers work

Be more productive by harnessing the power of generative AI on combined CRM and Microsoft 365 data to deliver real-time insights and automatic content creation so you can get back to what you love–connecting with customers.

Cut the drudgery

Focus on building relationships by automating and simplifying tasks with AI-generated emails, meeting summaries, data collection, and entry.

Connect the data

Get more done with actionable insights in the flow of work by bringing together data from Microsoft 365 apps and virtually any CRM system.

Crush the sale

Keep momentum rolling with AI-driven analytics that provide recommendations and reminders.

Transform your sales experience

From reactive to proactive

Manage your CRM customer list

Add customers to your CRM tool in the flow of work and manage your relationships more easily than ever.

Update your CRM tool in Microsoft 365 apps and Teams

Your CRM tool stays up to date even as you make changes to your contacts and interactions within the flow of work.

Collaborate across your organization

Use @mention to send customer details to your coworkers in Teams.

Strengthen relationships with AI

Gain deeper understanding with conversational intelligence call summaries and call action items.

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