CRM Media & Broadcasting Solution

Equip your sales & marketing teams

to outsell your competition

Get a complete view of your customer. Build stronger relationships and improve your productivity.

Improved Pipeline Forecasting
Always know what stage deals and briefs are at and know what deals to focus on. Develop accurate sales data that builds trust within the business.
Automatic Upsell Suggestions & Deal Stage Analysis
Continually be pro-active & consistently provide value to your clients, knowing which stage they are at  and what to sugguest.
Simple Quoting & Order Tracking
Have design work and offers going out automatically and on time. Track when a quote is accepted & be prompted with the next step.

“We now have a single view of our customer and we now know our customers and their strategies better than ever before”

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Key Capabilities


Meaningful Client Intelligence

  • Know more about your clients than anybody else in the industry. Know their strategies, their challenges, why they act the way they do – all within the CRM solution.
  • Predict future buying behaviour by logging projected campaigns and future products launches against the client record.
  • Segment clients by category, buying behaviour, seasonality, etc. helping you focus on the right priorities.
  • See research and media insights within the client dashboard, allowing you to always be on top of what’s happening in your client’s industries.
  • Receive intelligent suggestions through A.I. and machine learning to accelerate your deals.

Effective Sales and Marketing Synergy

  • A single sales and marketing platform makes it easier to work towards the same goal.
  • Ensure marketing personnel and telesales only hand over leads that are nurtured to the point of buying. 
  • Account executives are able to give quick feedback on what leads have converted and everybody is able to follow leads right through to closure.
  • Account executives can also send back leads that are not yet ready for purchasing to receive automated, personalised nurturing.
  • Instead of pulling in different directions, everybody works for the common business objective.

Accurate Forecasting and Pipeline Tracking

  • The pipeline is now visible across the business so that employees can see how deals are progressing three months ahead of time. Gone are the days of employees not knowing if their targets will be met or not at month end.
  • Managers are able to intervene or assist early to ensure the right things are done for everybody to meet their targets.
  • Teams are able to see when deals or enquiries are likely to close, the potential revenue this will generate, who the deal has been allocated to, and what needs to be done by whom, to move the deal along – all in real time.
  • Follow-ups are prompted automatically according to the type and stage of the deal (e.g. <30%, 30-89%, >90%), as well as seasonality and buying patterns of the client.
  • Up-sell suggestions, based on similar clients, are placed next to the client record automatically.

Internal Traffic Efficiencies

  • As the CRM Media solution is integrated with Outlook and its Calendar, it is very easy to monitor which briefs come in, who is working on it, at what stage the proposal is at
  • Proposal turnarounds are monitored and expected time of completion tracked.
  • Bottlenecks are quickly identified and resolved.

Simplified Proposal Process

  • Beautiful branded proposal templates are downloaded with the specific customer data already present, making proposal writing quick and effective.
  • When proposals are sent out to the client they’re automatically tracked so you’ll always know its status.  
  • Follow up is simplified with automated notifications prompting you with the next steps.
  • You’ll see which proposals convert and which don’t, so you can continually learn what works best for certain clients, and make relevant adjustments to your processes.

Goal setting and KPA assistance.

  • Individual and team targets are visible within the CRM Media & Broadcasting Solution so that account executives always understand how they are performing against their targets.
  • Commission structures are linked to KPAs so that account executives can see commission accrual in real-time.
  • Managers can see gaps early and offer assistance.
  • KPA dashboards simplify reporting immensely.
  • Managers and executives have standardised reports that can be generated on demand. Statistics such as how long it takes to close a deal, how many deals are open at any one time etc. are all visualised simply and quickly. 

Marketing Automation

  • Individual visitor activity on your website and social media, direct mailers etc. is tracked and scored based on the number of visits, page views, interactions etc.
  • High scoring leads are placed in relevant nurture campaigns that adjust according to response.
  • Marketing campaigns are managed centrally so that marketing spend is easily tracked, and the most effective campaigns are easily seen.
  • Nurtured leads that are demonstrating buying signals are allocated to an account executive for qualification and follow up.

Account and Activity Management

  • All phone calls, meetings, emails etc. from different people are tracked against a single client record.
  • Your various teams can see what other people are doing on accounts and use this insight to accelerate the deals.
  • Teams can see the value chain of information and activity in all of their accounts.
  • With the full history of interaction visible in the CRM Media & Broadcasting Solution, messaging always remains consistent, whoever makes contact.

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Better Together

 CRM Media & Broadcasting Solution +   Customer Service: Onboard your clients and manage their service cases all on the same platform.  CRM Media & Broadcasting Solution +  Partner Portals: Onboard clients and partners on the same platform. Allow partners to manage their clients through their own secure, web-based portal.

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