Lessons Learned from
Complex Dynamics Projects

The CRM Team
July 14, 2023
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Embarking on complex Dynamics projects can be a daunting task, as they often present unique challenges and complexities. As a Senior Dynamics 365 Developer, Nick Swart has encountered numerous obstacles throughout his career and gained valuable insights along the way. In this article, we delve into the challenges faced during these intricate projects and explore the lessons Nick has learned first-hand. By sharing real-life examples and offering practical advice, Nick aims to guide on effectively tackling similar challenges in the world of Dynamics 365 implementation.

Mariana Becerra

Drawing from his extensive tenure at one of South Africa’s premier financial institutions, Nick offers a candid account of his professional journey and the insights gained from working with the bank.

Nick’s experience as a seasoned professional has exposed him to a wide range of difficulties, particularly in the realm of integration. Dynamics 365 implementations frequently involve the integration of various systems and data sources, which can introduce complexities that demand careful navigation. Nick shares specific instances where he faced integration challenges head-on and reveals the strategies, he used to overcome them.

“In a specific project involving a Dynamics 365 implementation, we faced integration challenges that required creative problem-solving. One significant hurdle was establishing effective communication between our system and the internal systems of the bank. Initially, we encountered rejections during direct calls to the services. To overcome this obstacle, we developed a customized solution that enabled successful communication with the bank’s backend systems.


Additionally, we encountered complexities during the integration process with certain third-party systems. Our objective was to seamlessly retrieve and send questionnaire data, ensuring smooth interactions and prompt responses. Through innovative approaches, we successfully addressed these challenges and achieved efficient communication and handling of the data.” Swart explains.

Nick Swart reflected on the experience and highlighted an important lesson learned. He emphasised the crucial role of technical expertise in overcoming integration challenges. Before this project, Nick had limited knowledge of integrating with other systems. However, as the team confronted and resolved the technical obstacles, he recognised the significance of exposure to diverse environments and experiences. He emphasised that a developer’s proficiency is not solely determined by academic degrees but rather by practical knowledge gained through real-world encounters.

Working on such a large-scale corporate project taught valuable lessons to the Senior Dynamics 365 Developer. The foremost lesson was understanding the pace of change within a massive organisation. Large-scale projects often require extensive time and effort before noticeable progress is achieved. Patience, persistence, and a long-term vision are essential qualities for success.

Additionally, collaboration and effective communication played a vital role. Learning how to work with a diverse team, including technical leads, testers, and various internal departments, was critical. Bridging the gap between technical and business aspects required active engagement and effective collaboration with stakeholders. Adapting to the corporate culture, building relationships, and understanding the internal dynamics facilitated smoother progress and more productive outcomes.

In complex Dynamics 365 projects, the involvement of multiple stakeholders with diverse priorities and requirements is another common challenge usually encountered. These stakeholders can include business executives, department heads, end users, IT personnel, and other relevant parties. Each stakeholder group brings their own set of expectations, goals, and concerns to the project, which can sometimes conflict with one another. For example, business executives might prioritise cost reduction and efficiency, while end users may prioritise user-friendliness and functionality. IT personnel, on the other hand, may prioritise system stability and security. Balancing these diverse priorities and requirements can be complex and requires a strategic approach to stakeholder management.

Nick Swart mentioned how stakeholder interactions were structured during his time as a Dynamics 365 Developer at the bank. As a developer, Nick’s primary focus was on getting the work done and delivering the required deliverables. He didn’t directly engage with business stakeholders and wasn’t allowed to interact with them to avoid potential issues. The communication channels followed a specific path. Any business-related matters or stakeholder inputs had to go through the product owner and the scrum master. If it involved support, it needed to be directed to the scrum master as well. This structured approach ensured that developers were shielded from direct interactions with stakeholders, allowing them to concentrate on their development tasks.

One significant advantage of this approach was that developers could maintain their focus and productivity. Excessive meetings and interruptions were minimised to maximise their ability to deliver results. There were limits set on the number of meetings developers were expected to attend.

Nick highlighted the importance of reducing interruptions and maintaining focus during the development process. Constantly switching between meetings and coding can hinder productivity, as it takes time to regain one’s rhythm and concentration after interruptions.

Quality assurance and testing play a crucial role in ensuring the success of Dynamics 365 projects. They help identify and address potential issues, validate the functionality of the system, and ensure that it meets the stakeholders’ expectations. In the context of complex projects, testing can present unique challenges that require careful consideration and effective strategies.

“I recall a situation in which I encountered significant testing challenges during a complex project. As per the golden rule, developers should never solely rely on their testing for sign-off.  I remember an instance when we as developers had to follow a well-structured process. After completing the development phase, we handed over the work to the dedicated test team. They rigorously tested the system based on the defined acceptance criteria and user stories. This approach allowed for an independent evaluation of the system’s functionality and identified any deviations or issues. Additionally, the test team employed automated testing using their scripts to validate new features and receive immediate notifications if something broke. By involving a dedicated test team and leveraging automated testing, we ensured thorough and reliable testing, addressing the challenges associated with quality assurance in complex Dynamics 365 projects. This experience taught me the significance of unbiased testing by individuals who are not involved in the system’s development, as they can uncover issues that the developer might overlook,” Nick elaborates.

In conclusion, embarking on complex Dynamics 365 projects requires a deep understanding of the challenges and complexities involved. Through his extensive experience as a Senior Dynamics 365 Developer, Nick Swart has gained valuable insights and practical knowledge that can guide others in tackling similar obstacles. From integration challenges to stakeholder management and quality assurance, Nick’s real-life examples and lessons learned to provide a roadmap for success in the world of Dynamics 365 implementation.

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