The CRM Team is a registered company within the First Technology Group (FTG)

In order to play a primary role in South Africa’s economy, FTG has constructed a BEE strategy that is extensive in its sustainable business development, while encouraging a positive influence over the PDI community. The primary objective is to achieve an employment profile within FTG that is a reflection of South Africa’s demographic ratio.

FTG is a level 1, AAA-rated BEE contributor.

Employment Empowerment

Fully empowered in terms of Draft ICT Charter

Fully empowered in terms of Financial Services Charter

Committed to continual

  • Skills transfer
  • Employment equity
  • Procurement policies
  • Social responsibility programmes
  • Enterprise development

FTG strategy is to train PDIs from the bottom, creating a solid foundation of professionalism and proficiency. The group has initiated programmes to develop internal skills. All technical staff are A+ certified, and candidates with greater potential are then moved towards an MCSE certification. FTG objective is to have all technical staff reflect the demographic percentages of South Africa. Currently, 49% of FTG technical staff are classified PDI.

FTG also runs countrywide mentorship programmes on an individual level. These candidates interface with learning centres where they foster relationships with students.

Management development programmes are also implicated on a management level to curb the significant skills shortages. These programmes were specifically geared at FTG requirements for the industry.