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Market smarter with embedded intelligence

Use marketing automation to deliver engaging customer experiences across all of your touchpoints. Manage all your campaigns, automate your most repetitive tasks, and report accurately on ROMI.

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Why Intelligent Marketing?

Get More Leads

Nurture Leads to Maturity

Automate Campaigns

Align Marketing & Sales

Turn prospects into business relationships

Find and nurture more sales-ready leads using multi-channel campaigns and personalized lead nurturing.

Align sales and marketing together with one source of shared information, connected processes, and Office 365 collaboration tools.

Make smarter decisions using concise dashboards and reporting to improve marketing ROI.

Attract and nurture the right leads today!

Aligning sales and marketing:
The intelligent way to succeed

Nurture more demand

Relying only on conventional, basic email marketing as the primary source of leads is simply not effective enough. In fact, the more focused and demanding the customer universe is, the more essential it is to gain deep insights into what those customers expect.

Personalize buyer experiences

Its time to end friction, inconsistencies, and the do you know who I am? Part of the customer experience. Companies can acquire a holistic view of buyers, predict buyer intent, and orchestrate a connected, personalized journey for customers.


Build relationships at scale

Mutually beneficial relationships don’t simply happen with more data. Companies need to build credibility to establish and grow relationships with customers.

Make insight-driven decisions

Here’s where sales and marketing can truly align: utilizing data to uncover insights that lead to better-informed decisions throughout the sales process. This can improve performance, empower employees, and enable the company to gain increasingly effective strategic insights.


Towards a revenue-generating sales and service management platform:

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Driving data consolidation and powering strategic insights:

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Attract and nurture the right leads today!