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Powerful data & analytics solutions built to drive your business forward

Unleash the Power of your Data

Unlock the hidden potential in your business through data. At The CRM Team we analyse and interpret your data to drive your business forward.

Drive Business Efficiencies


Connect & Analyse Multiple Sources of Data


Optimise Decision Making

Maximise Profits

What is Data Intelligence?

Data Intelligence is a business and data analytics service that delivers insights, reporting and artificial intelligence solutions to grow your business.

  • Assess the quality and content of your business data 
  • Extract actionable insights from customer data to identify business opportunities and efficiencies


    • Create custom technology and business process roadmaps  
    • Insightful reporting that empowers problem-solving 


      Making Your Complex Data Easy to Understand 


      See and understand your data in a way that empowers informed decision-making. Real-time dashboards and analytics generate actionable insights using your business’s data

      Sales & Support Reporting 

      • Product performance  
      • Sales team leader boards 
      • Lead and opportunity conversion rates  
      • Sales forecasting (Statistical and Intuitive)
      • Ticket SLA times, case response and resolution times  
      • Customer churn analysis  
      • + Much more

      Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

      Improve business operations with engineering and modelling solutions that predict customer behaviour, encourage next-best actions and forecast sales.

      • Voice and Image Recognition and Sentiment Analysis  
      • White space analysis  
      • Next best product offer 
      • Propensity to close (Lead and opportunities conversion)  
      • Propensity to Not Take Up (NTU) 
      • Propensity to churn 

      Analytics and Consulting Services

      Analysing and extracting insight from your data to improve business processes, maximise profit and save costs.

      • Extract actionable insights from customer data to improve: Cost saving , Profit maximisation Business efficiencies  
      • Baseline customers and perform BI readiness assessments 
      • Provide data quality and data architecture assessments  
      • Create a custom technology and business process roadmap  

      Unleash the power of your data today!

      Data Intelligence Solutions for You

      Data Solutions for Manufacturing

      Optimise inventory, streamline processes and improve the customer experience. Easily identify trends and opportunities to improve operational efficiency.

      Data Solutions for Financial Services

      Use analytics to prevent fraud, evaluate risk and analyse performance. Innovate at the speed of change by leveraging your volume of data to build forward-thinking products and client-centric solutions. 

      Data Solutions for Public Sector

      Improve efficiencies and performance by connecting and analysing. Drive successful outcomes and track progress by harnessing the vast amounts of data you have.

      Marketing & Sales Analytics

      Market and sell with confidence by making decisions that are data-driven. Optimise campaigns to increase the overall purchase rate of leads.

      Service & Support Analytics

      Anticipate customer needs with predictive analytics that shortens case resolutions and improves customer service. 

      Analytics & Consulting Services

      Analysing and extracting insight from your data to improve business processes, maximise profit and save costs. 

      “The CRM team empowered our business through reporting and analysis, enabling us to see things previously unknown and make better decisions. They took our data and turned it into a living breathing thing, showing us exactly what was going on in our business and empowering us to make real business changing decisions.”

      – Sean Kelly.
      Digital Platform Manager at ICON

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