The Business Case for CRM

The stats from 362 companies

Investing in CRM makes great business sense. Don’t just take our word for it: have a look at the hard numbers from 362 companies. The stats are grouped according to three key CRM benefits: sales force automation, marketing automation, and customer service automation.
Automating Your Sales Force
Automating Your Marketing Efforts
Automating your Customer Service Efforts
These results are from Nucleus Research Inc., a global provider of investigative technology research. They surveyed sales, marketing, customer service, and IT personnel from 362 companies. Company sizes ranged from 1-19 through to 10,000+, across twenty-eight different sectors.
At the time of the survey, the average time CRM systems had been in place was 14 months for cloud, and 25 months for on-premise. At this stage, 70% of the companies had already reached a full return on their investment. The headline numbers above are average increases reported for each department. Much bigger increases are possible with full interdepartmental CRM co-ordination – something we call operational/analytical CRM. If you do a CRM installation with us, we can get you to this operational/analytical level. It’s not something you can achieve overnight, but letting us help you makes the whole process a lot quicker. It’s something definitely worth doing. Nucleus Research estimates this unlocks a whopping four-fold increase on the benefits above. Want the full Nucleus report? Click here